Consious Sedation

Fear and anxiety are the most often cited reasons why patients avoid getting dental treatment. 

To overcome the stress and fear of periodontal treatment, Dr Simonian uses a combination of different methods for pain control, including local anesthesia, oral and IV sedation to achieve the best possible comfort level for each patient.

Local Anesthesia
With current  atraumatic injection techniques and topical anesthetic, most patients elect to be treated with local anesthesia only. We use very gentle injection techniques and make sure profound anesthesia is achieved prior to commencing with any procedure.

Oral Sedation
Some patients prefer to be lightly sedated for their surgery. Oral sedatives are prescribed and taken before the appointment, allowing them to be relaxed during the treatment.

Conscious IV Sedation
For the more difficult procedures or for patients with significant anxiety, we recommend IV conscious sedation. Dr Simonian is certified in IV conscious sedation. A combination of different medications are titrated for the patient's needs, in order to sedate the patient throughout the procedure. This type of sedation has is very safe and is also a great option for patients requiring multiple procedures in one sitting.